Riz Casimir
Design: Cookbook
Date: June 2004
MA diploma project, ESAG-Penninghen, Paris

In English, French, German, 180 x 260mm, 110 pages
Riz Casimir is the name of my diploma project – a cookbook that originated one evening as I was preparing Riz Casimir (a typical Swiss dish with an exotic yet canned flavor). I photographed my dish and sent the image to a friend who was to do her best to recreate the dish in her kitchen and invite her friends for dinner. Next I asked her to document her dish photographically and pass on her image to the next person, the third in a group of 12 participants. The outcome was a visual and culinary 'Whispering Game'. It became the subject for twelve individual recipe-stories and by end the dish had travelled through Paris, Stockholm, San Francisco, Berlin, Munich, Lucerne and Geneva.
The cookbook structure is based on a principle of 'fold and cut', which allows the photos to retain their individual nature. It also plays on the metaphor of pictures and text travelling and 'flying' into my book.
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Riz Casimir
Stand at the degree show
ESAG-Penninghen Paris, 17.06 – 20.06 2004
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